Neon(Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth)

=== Real Name ===

Alp Batuhan Şahin

=== Also Known As ===

neen, Noen, N00n

=== Date of Birth ===

10th September, 2004

=== Location ===


<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"> == Physical Information ==

=== Species ===


=== Gender ===


=== Height ===

1,67 m (6" 1')

=== Weight ===

71 kg (310,85 lbs)

</section> <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"> == Favourites ==

=== Favourite Game ===

Need for Speed: ProStreet

=== Least Favourite Game ===

Need for Speed: Undercover

=== Favourite Character ===

Ryan Cooper (Need for Speed: ProStreet)

=== Favourite Car ===

Cadillac CTS and CTS-V

=== Favourite Food ===

Chicken Doner or fried stuff

=== Favourite Drink ===

Uludağ Gazozu



Alp Batuhan "Neon" Şahin was born in 10th September, 2004 at Karaman/Bursa. He's currently 10th grade high school student, who somehow managed to pass 9th grade with a failed math status.


He's friendly, yes. But sometimes he can get really pissed as well. Especially his classmates, those are the ones that annoy him the most. And he's one of those people that speak 1 languages in 1 go.

Interest in Racing Games

His interest in racing games began with Gran Turismo 5. Then he discovered NFS series with Need for Speed: ProStreet, which he received from his parents as a suprise on PlayStation 3. He enjoyed playing it with an Cadillac CTS-V. One day, he saw Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) on a PC Games store, while looking for Need for Speed: ProStreet 2. That new game is his favourite from that time to now, as he liked it a lot.

Creating Patches(not to be confused with EA ones)

In May 10, 2016 he wondered if he could make a mod called patch for selected NFS titles. Contained restored cut cars, leftover cars and some features. On March 20, 2016 he began working on Need for Speed: Undercover. Which he said ''The mod will try to make the game feel like ProStreet but even better. The mod was released worldwide on April 24, 2019. The mod had 3 year development cycle and sadly, it didn't do well. As May 20, 2019 he announced that Undercover Patch would be pernamently discontinued. On June 31, 2019. Undercover Patch was pernamently discontinued. Leaving Neon focus in his 4 core modding divisions: ''ProStreet, Carbon, Most Wanted, and Underground 2'' There won't be any patch for Underground 1, Undercover and World because of strict issues .

Neon on YouTube

His YouTube adventure began on 2016. But he uploaded videos in 2017. When he modded some games, or did some things to it. In 2018 he uploaded his first conversion for Need for Speed: Carbon, which is his all time-favorite car. The Cadillac CTS. Which was amazing, he continued to upload more. He also uploaded a 10 minute video with his best friend, Rsracerp60. Both of them are best friends and they do things everytime. As of now(2019-now). He rarely uploads, because of people complaining about frames per second and his driving. Neon can't take those things anymore, so he rarely uploads. Will he ever upload? Who knows! Maybe he will do it.

In 2019, he created a 2nd channel, in the name of Sayoko and Krystal. He uploaded some videos about Need for Speed: ProStreet in arguabley less view worthy as possible. He was doing that because he felt some things in ProStreet were unclear, and he decided to create a special channel just for it. Nowadays the channel is dead and everything about ProStreet is cleared today.

In this period of time, he couldn't even get 100 subscribers. But that's changed when he start to upload videos with tweaks, changes, modding. People really liked it, and Neon was really proud of what he was doing. So he released some of his mods, this resulted Neon to be one of the modders that work hard but can't get things right. He mainly uploads ProStreet and Hot Pursuit 2010, sometimes Burnout Paradise.

As of today (August 30th, 2020, he has 576 subscribers and 143,643 views counting on his channel

Favourite lines(real life, games or anything)


Burnout Paradise:

You know there are more cars than birds these days. DJ Atomica, Crash FM. Hiding under the table.

Parking is boring, no one likes parking right? Wrong! I saw a car parking to the space going under 100 MPH. That's how we do things in Paradise City.

This is Crash FM and I am DJ Atomica. First thing we need is a picture of your learners permit. This will do for now, if you had a USB stick we couldda used something more personal.

Need for Speed: ProStreet


If Street Racing is your thing, you can prove it on Battle Machine!

Now Ryan Cooper was killing Street Racing for the years! Just wrong side of the law, know what I'm sayin'?

Dude Cooper's just slayin' down there!


Big Nate should be here any second, and there he is! Cooper and the speed king!

Need for Speed: Undercover


Need for Speed: Shift 2

Bring your a-game and don’t except me to go easy on you

Real life:

What do you mean by this isn't real? Everything is real. You're just lazy to face it.

You shouldn't treat your friend like that, it's making you look like a lazy damn.

Girls are not cup of my tea. Because they don't have anything in common.

You know I have a different opinion than you. So you can't force me to hate on the guy.

As I 've said before, doing things like this won't get you anywhere.

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