Need for Speed: Underground 2

NFSU2 Extra Options

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is the second game for Extra Options series. NFSU2 Extra Options made its first release in 8th Nov, 2015; which is 15 days later from the first official Extra Options (Build 3 Pre-Release for NFSMW) release. It has more features than Need for Speed: Underground version, but less than Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) and Need for Speed: Carbon versions.


  • Lap and Opponent Controllers
  • Change Maximum Drift Multiplier
  • Hide Online from Main Menu
  • Show Outrun Mode in Quick Race Menu
  • Enable Track Selection for Free Run and Outrun
  • Play Any Track in Any Race Mode
  • Use Powder Coat and High Heat in Body Paint
  • Show Special Vinyl Category
  • Change Splash Screen Time Limit
  • Use Drift Camera Angle Everywhere
  • Unlock Region Specific Cars
  • Unlock All Things
  • Remove Barriers
  • Change Neon Brightness
  • Carbon-Styled Race Progress
  • Show Subtitles in English
  • Insert Disc Fix
  • Toggle Headlights
  • AI Opponents in Heights Drift
  • Save/Load Hot Position
  • Show Debug Car Customize in Customization Menu
  • Infinite Vertical Rotation for Showcase Camera
  • Enable Debug World Camera
  • Change Game Speed
  • Change World Animation Speed
  • Change Game Region Code
  • Change Starting Cash
  • Edit Weather Values
  • Fix Disappearing Wheels
  • Fix Split Screen (Experimental)
  • Enable Windowed Mode
  • Disable Sound and Music


  • Need for Speed: Underground 2 (Patched to v1.2 US)
  • v1.2 US speed2.exe by HOODLUM
  • DirectX and Visual C++ Runtimes
  • Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG (included in Release)


See Installation page to learn how to install Extra Options. Alternatively, you can build it yourself by using the Source Code on GitHub.


NFSU2 Extra Options is configured with NFSU2ExtraOptionsSettings.ini file.


If you are having problems with NFSU2 Extra Options, see the Troubleshooting page. If your issue isn't listed there, you can report it from here.

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