Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

NFSMW Extra Options

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) is the first game for Extra Options series. First 2 unofficial releases are made in the name of Quick Race Hidden Options. After the first official release (Build 3 Pre-Release), its name changed to Extra Options. It has more features than any other Extra Options release.


  • Lap and Opponent Controllers
  • Traffic Density Controllers
  • Hide Online from Main Menu
  • Show Tollbooth and Challenge Modes in Quick Race Menu
  • Cops in Quick Race
  • AI Opponents for Tollbooth Races
  • Show Subtitles in English
  • Show Debug and Preset Car Categories in Car Select Menu
  • Show More Customization Options
  • Show Special Vinyl Category
  • Show Debug Car Customize in Main Menu
  • Change Maximum Blacklist Rival
  • Replay Blacklist Boss Races
  • Change Challenge Series Blacklist
  • Change Randomize Count for Quick Play
  • Change Splash Screen Time Limit
  • Infinite Zoom and Rotation for Showcase Camera
  • Use Special Camera Angles Everywhere
  • Enable Debug Camera
  • Change Game Speed
  • Change World Animation Speed
  • Change Car Model Size
  • Toggle Cop Lights
  • Toggle Headlights
  • Remove Barriers
  • Carbon-Styled Race Progress
  • Remove Frame from Busted Cutscene
  • Change Starting Cash
  • Unlock All Things
  • Show Hidden Race Tracks on Quick Race Menu
  • Force-Enable Black Edition Features
  • Unlock Burger King Challenge Without Using A Cheat Code
  • Enable Max Performance Button for Career Performance Shop
  • Fix Disappearing Wheels
  • Fix Split Screen (Experimental)
  • Force Heat Level
  • Fix 0 Bounty for x10+ Heat Levels
  • Fix Bounty For Police Helicopter
  • Pursuit Action! Mode
  • Edit Visual Treatment Tint Values
  • Edit Weather Values
  • Enable Windowed Mode
  • Disable Movies, Sound and Music
  • Freeze Car
  • Auto Drive
  • Save/Load Hot Position
  • Load Any Save Game
  • Show Dialog Boxes on Screen
  • Time Of Day
  • Better Random Races
  • NFSU2 Style Look Back Camera
  • 100 Stock Cars in New Save Games
  • No Catch Up
  • No Rev Limiter
  • Change Selectable Marker Count
  • Speedbreaker Tweaks
  • Show Non-Pursuit Cops in Minimap
  • Change Infraction Speed Limits
  • Skip Career Intro
  • Allow Multiple Instances
  • Freeze Camera
  • Change Purchasable Car Count
  • Expand Memory Pools


  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Patched to v1.3)
  • v1.3 speed.exe by RELOADED
  • DirectX and Visual C++ Runtimes
  • Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG (included in Release)


See Installation page to learn how to install Extra Options. Alternatively, you can build it yourself by using the Source Code on GitHub.


NFSMW Extra Options is configured with NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini file inside the ''scripts'' folder.You can open this file with most text editors.(Notepad,Notepad++ etc.)


If you are having problems with NFSMW Extra Options, see the Troubleshooting page. If your issue isn't listed there, you can report it from here.

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