How to install Extra Options for any NFS game?
How to install Extra Options for any NFS game?

If you prefer video, watch it then. Here is the text version:

How to install Extra Options or any other asi script

  • Open your game installation folder (you can right click and press on properties and copy target directory and paste into file viewer)

NOTE: If your game is from Steam, in the Steam program go to library, select game and then click properties, click on "LOCAL FILES" tab, and then browse files

  • If in the archive there is no .DLL file near scripts folder, make sure you have installed Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG from here
  • If archive has DLL file and SCRIPTS folder, just drag into game location folder, if not open scripts folder and drag asi/any files here.

NOTE: If you're using Linux, MacOS and etc (Other OS that it not Windows based) then visit

This page for configurating wine

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