Extra Options Wiki

Extra Options (formerly Quick Race Hidden Options) is a .asi script mods series which aims to improve your gaming experience in many ways for various games. It includes tweaks, bug fixes and new features. It also reveals unused/hidden features and adds new ones.

It's developed by dedicated ExOpts Team with the assistence of various tools, trainers and people.


We can review the games in 2 sub-titles. Public releases and Work In Progress.

Public Releases

Work In Progress

  • Need for Speed: Prostreet (No Official Releases Available)

Version System

Extra Options builds have 2 different version systems. They are used to sepeare different releases by their date or status.

Former Version System (Build A; Rev.C)

Variant 1 (Build A)

This is the first version system, which is used from NFSMW Quick Race Hidden Options Build 2 up to NFSMW Extra Options Build 3. It doesn't provide any minor build, revision or status information, except for NFSMW Extra Options Build 3 "Pre-Release".

Variant 2 (Build A.B; Rev.C "S")

This one is the second and final form of Former Version System. It adds lower build (never used) and revision information to let there be minor releases with bug fixes, last-minute additions, etc.

Current Version System (vA.B.C.D)

This one is first created to use in GitHub releases page of NFSC Extra Options v2.0.1.1337. It doesn't use any build, revision or status text unlike Former Version System. Instead, it uses numbers to state them.

Version System Table (*=test build, **=ends with 00 for public builds)
Version Element Used For Type Available Values
A Major Build Number 1 - ∞
B Minor Build Number 0 - ∞
C Revision Number 1 - ∞
D Delta Number 101**-199: Milestone*

201**-299: ALPHA*

401**-499: BETA*

801**-899: Release Candidate*

1337: Release

1338+: Hotfix

2000 - ∞: Post-Release*

"S" Status Text ALPHA*





See Installation page to learn how to install Extra Options. Alternatively, you can build it yourself by using the Source Code on GitHub.


Extra Options is protected with GNU-GPLv3 public license.