Extra Options project is started by nlgzrgn. As it is getting bigger, he decided to set a team up, in the name of ExOpts Team.

Team Members

Team members are divided into various roles, which indicates their proffessions.

Testers make all the internal testing and reports issues if they find any. Contributors love to work on mods that improve gaming experience. Moderators keep Extra Options discord server clear and clean. And finally, Non-NFSers are interested in bringing Extra Options to various Non-NFS games (e.g. S.W.I.N.E.).

Main Developer





  • (noone for now)

How to be a member of ExOpts Team?

Our team is invite only, so, you need to get an invite from us. If you prove yourself by making any fancy stuff (a trainer with unseen or interesting features, a perfect tool which can make impossible possible, a funky mod with lots of sauce, etc.); we will consider inviting you, too!

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